The sabermetric revolution popularized by Moneyball forever changed the way we experience and appreciate America’s pastime. Since then, more and more sports organisations have begun to see the value of statistical analysis and opened up positions for statisticians.

Over the past decade, statistical thinking in sport has begun to spread. And we can see the impact of analytics in the way it has reshaped recruitment, game style, and game experience for many of the most popular global sports.

Tennis is one sport that has largely been left behind the analytics revolution. The stats that are used today to summarize player performance are the same simple counts and percentages that have been used since the men’s professional tour began more than 30 years ago. Few sophisticated takes on tennis performance exist, and those that do have been so poorly designed that they have been the subject of ridicule of sports journalists.

The purpose of the ‘Stats On the T’ blog is to provide data-driven stories for men’s and women’s tennis. I am eager for the day when tennis will be a leader in sports analytics. My hope is that the ideas and conversations created with this blog will help the sport to reach that goal.